Yellow wedge Sneakers

Hey FashionJjunkeys! I’ve been so busy with all my activities for the summer but I’m trying to get back in the groove of posting more often.  So today we will start off with a new pair of kicks I picked up for $20.00 on Totsy, to bad Totsy was bought out by some new company called Modnique which is entirely to pricey compared to the old Totsy. I wont be shopping on Modnique any time soon.

They came in the mail and I loved them, they color just popped so I decided to pair them up with some cut off jeans and a yellow sleeveless tee. I took my son school shopping and let me tell you these were so comfortable to be on my feet all day.

2050320-p-MULTIVIEW IMG_8382 IMG_8384

Sorry you wont find them for $20.00 but you can find them here for $63.99.

Top Asos, Shorts Thrifted value Village, Shoes Totsy

DIY Tank

So I am sure we all have a drawer full of junk T-shirts from your job, races you have run, and free giveaways. I myself end up using these tee’s for pajamas. I found a DIY pin on Pinterest  (don’t you just love pinterest) on how to make your frumpy tee’s more fashionable.  Check out mine!




So this is what you will need:

Tank top



1. Pick your over sized shirt, I decided on camo shirt I picked up at the thrift store for $0.99.


2.  Cut around the ribbed collar of your t-shirt until it is completely off. Make sure to stay close to the seam.


3. Remove both sleeves by cutting around the seams that attach the sleeves to the main body of the shirt. Again, make sure to stay close to the seam.


4. Cut the neck hole about an 1.5 inches deeper. I recommend cutting to the halfway point and folding the cut strip onto the other side. Then you can use the part you’ve already cut as a stencil for the other part; this way the neck hole isn’t lopsided. Or you can do like I did and grab your sports bra, outline the front of the tank so its even and then cut the neck.



5. Now cut the sleeve holes about an inch from the neck line. The tutorial I found said to make a cut like the one here. But I found that this cut makes the shirt gape a little awkwardly on the sides. I recommend turning the shirt over and cutting more onto the back than on the front.


6. Cut a “V” down the back of the shirt and using the scraps from the sleeve, cut a strip about 2″ wide and 8″ long. (I used the collar that I cut off)


Now I have super cute tee’s I can work out in, heck I can even wear these tops out with a pair of jeans or shorts!




Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th everyone and a shout out to those that serve our country and protect us!

I wanted to share some inspiration of 4th July outfits to get your day started, I myself will be hanging at a friends house enjoying some BBQ. Heres a few of my favorites!

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Yes honey these outfits give me life, they are everything…

Stay tuned and I will share how I rocked my 4th of July outfit, have a blessed day Fashion Junkeys!!

This is day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Something Blue

Over the weekend a friend and I hosted a baby shower for a friend in our mommy group, it was thrown at Shout restaurant in the wine room. I asked all the attendees to dress to impress as we celebrate our mommies little boy coming.

I knew exactly what to wear, I found this great vintage dress at my local Value Village for under $5.00. I paired it up with grey snake open toe sling back heels, gold vintage belt all from Value village. Yes my whole outfit was thrifted for under $12.00!

Heres a few images of our lovely day…

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey IMG_9843 Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey IMG_9892 IMG_9895 IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9901 Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey IMG_9909 Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey IMG_9913

Refashion: Vintage Dress

I bought a sew machine a few months back and its been sitting in my closet ever since. So since its a rainy day here in Atlanta I decided to pull my Brother machine out and alter a few items that I cant give away, so why not alter them so I can fit them again! I came across this dress while going through my closet.

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

So the dress falls below my knees and I felt it wasnt really flattering for my body so I decided to cut it shorter and hem it, heres how it looks cut and hemmed.

Fashion Junkey

Im so proud of my self, I know its not that big of a refashion but its a start! Now Im gonna go through my closet and see what else I can alter.

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Dress: Value village $2.00

Shoes:  Boutique in Atlanta $5.00

Purse: Vintage, Value Village $3.50

Necklace: Ebay $5.00

P.S. Please exscuse my face I have no makeup on but I was super excited to try on the dress and share with you. xoxo

Lady in Green

Sunday I attended the Talking with Tammi Luncheon you can read all about here, I want to share what I wore to the luncheon. Tammi stated “dress to impress”, so I wore this little green dress I found at a warehouse boutique sale. I believe I picked this dress up for $10.00 t0 $12.00 in the spring time, can you sale deal!!! The shoes our vintage Tahari, with a gladiator look I won them on EBAY for $20.00. My clutch is by Nnkea Saran, one of my favorite bag designers, I own about 4 of them and had one custom-made just for me!

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Fashion Junkey

Talking With Tami Blogging Luncheon

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Talking with Tami Blogging Luncheon. The event was held at Nancy’s Pizza in Buckhead, GA. I have followed Tami through her blog and Instagram and let me tell you shes just like she is online! Tami was so nice, inviting, and has a great bubbly personality, she reminded me of my crazy butt LOL!

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

I enjoyed the luncheon so much and learned some great tips for my blog, a few things Tami touched on:

Use Google Adds on your blog
Make your site pop
Write about babies (fashion, baby shower, etc.)
Use key words
Watermark your images
Use professional images
Always use thumbnails
Co-op with other bloggers

Tami invited two surprise guest speakers, reality star Quad Lunceford Webb from Married to medicine and reality star/fashion designer Reco Chapple from Fashion Show on Bravo.

Reco owns a boutique called House of Chapple and is starting a new men’s line to add to his collection. His plans for the near future is expand his empire with stores across the United States. Reco also plans to offer a new item called Lipstick and a prize, he will offer fabulous items for under $50.00

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Quad is currently working on a doggy couture line, if you watch the show then you know she loves her babies and treats them as her children. Quads one year anniversary is coming up in July, Happy early anny Quad!

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Tammi provided all her guest will swag bags on our way out, mine included:

Cover girl lip gloss
Black Opal eye shadow
O.P.I. nail polish
Black Opal Lipstick

IMG_7784 Fashion Junkey

I can’t wait for Tammis next luncheon!

Fashion Junkey

Look who popped in for lunch while the luncheon was going on, LaTocha Scott! Reality star from R&B Divas and group member from Xscape.

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey