Month: November 2012

Vintage Red Leather

Today was 50% off at Value Village! I’m so excited by this particular item I found, I got this red number for $2.42!! Yes you read right $2.42!!! I can’t wait to rock this Red cropped leather jacket. Any suggestions on how I should rock this great find?

Red Leather Cropped Jacket $2.42

Value Village

Sequins Oh My!

Not only do I thrift for myself, Im always looking for great finds for my whole family. While In Indiana over the holiday we decided to visit the lake on a very cold day. Thank goodness I packed layers for everyone. We decided to do a mini shoot with her favorite cousin in the whole wide world (as she says). LOL

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Sequin Pants: Childrens Place $10.00

Sequin Boots: Walmart $10.00

Sweat Shirt: $2.00 Value Village

Scarf: Value Village $0 .69

Pea Coat: Value Village $4.99

Oh how I love Jean

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My family traveled to Indiana to visit the hubbies family and let me tell you it was freezing. Thank goodness I came prepared and packed many layers to each outfit.

On this day I decided to throw on my camel boots, boot socks and a jean Gap shirt I found at Value Village, in one of my earlier post which you can find here. I just love this look, very comfortable but fashionable all at the same time. I’m a jean whore, I love jean jackets and shirts. I don’t care if I have 10 if I see one I buy it and have a nice little collection in all shades.

We did a little sight-seeing and I got a chance to throw on my black pea coat I found during the summer at Value Village for $5.00.

If you’ve missed some of my other post, I am a professional photographer and I booked a boudoir session while out-of-town. Here’s a little teaser (below), you can see more of my work here.

Black Friday!

Hey everyone! I’m out-of-town but I wanted to pop in and share a few of my great finds during the Black Friday sales.  I’m hoping to hit up a few Goodwills while out here in Indiana.

  • Jeans $14.00
  • Blouse $12.00
  • Sequin Blouse $5.00
  • Blazer $29.00
  • Brown Leather Boots $40.00

You see the inspiration picture above, that’s how I plan to wear the blazer. I bought a few more things, stay tuned!

Leather is Back

Leather is back in ladies! I’ve been watching the leather trend this season and I couldn’t help but add a piece to my wardrobe. I found this leather pencil skirt on EBAY for $20.00. When buying on EBAY make sure you check the measurement in the waist and not only the size on the tag, you would be surprised how the tag size is so much smaller then what it says.

I love how in this picture below she rocking her boyfriend V neck white tee, one of my favorite staple pieces in my wardrobe.  It has a funky but casual look, so me. Stayed tuned to see how I rock my new leather skirt.

My EBAY find

My Thrift Finds

This morning I hit up my local Value Village and found some nice pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Red Dress: David Benjamin

$7.49 (%50 off) = $3.74

Red Sweater Coat: Free People


Leopard Zip Up: Tally Ho


Black Dress:  Monseno


Black Beaded Cardigan: Seven


Jean Shirt: Gap


Beige Blouse: Mossimo


Gold Sequin Dress: Kroshetta


Red Sweater: Shirin Wild


Blue & White Checkered Slacks: Wayne Van Nugyen

$3.49 (50% off) = $1.74

Ivory Sweater: Parisian Works


I think I did very well today, what did you find today?

My Thrift Finds

So I stumbled upon an online Goodwill, who would have thought I can shop from home at the Goodwill! This site is awesome you can type in what you are looking for or just look by category, its called The site is kind of like EBAY some things you have to bet on and other items you can buy it now.

I love pocket books (purses), lucky me I ended up winning 4 pocket books! They were selling these two as a pair for $9.99. I looked up the red and white ones and they go for $80.00 a pop, not bad I got them for $5.00 each.

According to the listing these brown ones are vintage, who doesn’t love a vintage piece. These were also a pair for $9.99, which comes out to $5.00 each.

The only thing I did not like is you don’t know how much shipping will be until you pay. I ended up paying $40.00 total for all four bags including shipping which isn’t to bad. It just takes away from the great deal you get when you see the shipping, LOL. I would for sure buy from the site again they have some awesome items and big name brands like, Gucci, and Coach.

Do you know any online thrift sites you would love to share, I would love to hear from you!

Scarf Organizer

I love scarfs and I just throw them all on my sequin lady but its starting to look so messy. Heres a great way to organize your scarves without breaking the bank. All you need is a hanger and curtain rings from the dollar store.


So here’s my take at it, not to bad right! I think it will look even better if I invest a couple of dollars into some nicer hangers, but you get the point.

Same sweater 2 looks

It’s a chilly day so why not throw on some over the knee boots, I love boot season!

Jeans Rue 21 10.00
Sweater Value Village 1.49
Boots Marshall’s 80.00
Tee Wal-Mart 3.00

This next look I had the same sweater on but a more relaxed look. We were headed to the pumpkin patch with the kids.

Jeans Hubbies closet FREE
Sweater Value Village 1.49
Converse TJ Maxx 20.00
Tee Wal-Mart 3.00