Month: December 2012

My Christmas Outfit

For Christmas I really wanted to funk it up, so I decided on my red pencil leather skirt I found at Value Village (thrift Store) & a retro tee also found at Value village. It was a cold day so I added black tights & black pumps and of course my big ass glasses. On a side note, some have been asking where I bought my big ass glasses, stay tuned I will be selling them soon!


IMG_5660 IMG_5685 IMG_5695 IMG_5706

Tee $0.99

Skirt $4.99

Goals for 2013

My 2013 resolution list:

  • Maintain my health
  • Run a race once a month
  • Give back
  • Eat healthier
  • Keep growing in my photography skills
  • Expand both businesses Sealed With a Kiss Photography & Everything Bella Events
  • continue to be influential person (motivator, positive influence, great mother & wife)

What are some of your goals for 2013?

Review on the Apple iPod nano 16GB Pink (7th Generation)

This year for Christmas I wanted a new Ipod Nano,  I had one of the older models and it was time for an upgrade. Today was the first day I got to try out my new Nano and let me say I was very impressed. I usually run about 3 to 4 miles 3 or 4 days a week and I wanted something where I can listen to my music and track my mileage at the same time. Sure you can do this with most phones but 1. I don’t download music to my phone and 2. the phone is kinda big to be running around with. The new Nano has the Nike GPS tracking system and I love it! You can set it with your, weight , height, and the option of 3K, 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, and custom run. Today I decided on running a 5K (3 miles), while running my Nano spoke to me and told me when I reached each mile. I thought wow this is great, it even told me when I was half way done and all the way down to 100 meters left. My music still played in the background as it spoke to me so I didn’t miss a beat. I also had the option to keep tracking my mileage or stop and record. I give the  Apple iPod nano 16GB Pink (7th Generation) 5 stars out of 5!

Make sure you buy the arm holder case when you purchase your new Nano, the older model case will not fit (its to big) and your Nano will fall out if held wrong.





The new nano offers:

The redesigned, ultra portable iPod nano now has a larger, 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. Play your favorite songs, browse music by genre, or listen to Genius playlists and FM radio. Or watch movies and widescreen videos on the bigger screen. A perfect workout partner, iPod nano tracks your steps, your runs, and burned calories and syncs to the Nike+ website to challenge friends. And with built-in Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, or car stereos.

Key Features

  • 2.5-inch Multi-Touch color display with 240-by-432 pixel resolution
  • Only 5.4-mm thin—the thinnest iPod ever
  • Easy-to-use controls to quickly adjust volume, or play, pause, and change songs
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Widescreen video
  • FM radio with Live Pause
  • Built-in pedometer for fitness
  • Built-in Nike+ support for voice feedback and syncing to
  • Anodized aluminum in seven gorgeous colors
  • 16GB capacity1
  • Up to 30 hours of music playback2
  • Apple EarPods
  • Works with Mac and PC

Review: CWX Compression Pants & BrooksPure Connect Running Shoes

If you read my Christmas list here I had  some running gear on my list. Well lets just say Santa came a little early which would be me! I’m training for a half marathon in April called the Diva Half Marathon and I needed these key pieces to get my training in gear. So Ive had the opportunity to run in my gear a few times and let me say I love them both! I thought I loved my Fila Skeletoes but I think Brooks has them beat. Don’t get me wrong I love my skeletoes, I love the feeling of almost feeling like im running bare foot but the Pureconnects give a slight bit more support I need but still giving me that bare foot feeling.

As for my CWX pants, I decided to go with  the insulated ones for the winter and let me tell you they are great. I ran at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday with the weather at 33 degrees and these babies kept me warm. Not only did they keep me warm I can feel the support around my knees and all they way to the back of my knees. I also felt my recovery time when it came to soreness was very less than usual. Only con I would have is you have to be careful when pulling them up if you have long nails. I was pulling them up at the ankle and because they are very fitting I punctured a small hole in my pants. I put some clear finger nail polish around the whole, so it can harden and not run. I highly suggest these compression pants to any one looking for a great support tight that’s going to do the job. For the ladies these pants make your legs & butt look great!



Camo Skinny Jeans

So Ive had a pair of camo skinny jeans on my list of wardrobe wants. I finally bought a pair after searching the internet high and low from Amazon. These jeans fit true to size and have a little stretch in them for those with a little extra but or thighs.  You can wear them many different ways, on this day I chose to wear them with a v neck black boyfriend tee to take care of some errands.

getThumb.aspx img-thingget-the-look-camouflage-camo Military-Skinny-JeansIMG_4990 IMG_4998 IMG_5009



Looks of the week

I’ve been pretty busy shooting holiday parties & family sessions but I wanted to share a few of the outfits I’ve been wearing throughout the week. (sorry for the  cell phone pics, I haven’t had time to pull out the camera)


Black rain boots-Wilsons Leather Outlet $19.99

Black leggings- old

Red hand bag- Goodwill Online $5.00

Boot Socks- Ross $3.99

Bubble necklace- Ebay $8.99

Sweater Vest- Value Village $3.59

Body Suit – Victoria Secret/Value Village  $0.99



Gap Shirt- Value Village $2.99

Leopard Scarf- Ebay $3.29

Jeans- Rue21 Clearance $9.99

Leather Boots-Jcpenny Black Friday $40.00



Leapard Scarf- Ebay $3.29

Brown Velvet Blazer- Value Village $5.99

Leather Brown Boots – Jcpenny Black Friday $40.00

Coral Vintage Blouse- value village $1.89

Coral Skinny Jeans – Jcpenny $15.00



Infinity Scarf- Ebay $3.75

Stripe Tunic- Value village $0.99

Leggings- Stein Mart (old) $9.99

Ruffle over the Knee Boots- Marshalls (old) $99.00 similar $55.00

Leather Jacket – Express (gifted) similar  on sale $82.00


As you can see I am a big time thrift & EBAY shopper. I love quality but also love a great deal!

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I’ve been absent from posting due to work, Im a photographer and 90% of my work is on weekends. With the holidays here I have been even busier then usual with family sessions & holiday parties. This weekend I shot a holiday dinner party and Mariam an up coming singer. The great part of my job is I love what I do! I get paid for my hobby, it doesn’t get any better than that. 😉

So here are a few shots from the sessions over the weekend.

IMG_47d20-2IMG_4694c IMG_47v36 IMG_47g72 IMG_47b68 IMG_46g96

copy IMG_4j409 IMG_4m461 IMG_44k31 IMG_45v69 IMG_457d7 IMG_4397 copyf IMG_4564

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

All Rights Reserved: Sealed With a Kiss Photography 2012  Makeup by Melrica

The Sequin Gods

Today I ran into Target to grab a few things and lord and be hold this beautiful piece of fabric called my name, the Tracy Reese Blouse. She was so beautiful, I envisioned in my head all the ways I could wear this beautiful blouse. She stared at me and I stared back, then I turned the tag around and the price tag read $79.00. For Tracy Reese this is a great price but for this budget savvy thrifting queen it was out of my budget (I love a deal) LOL. So I put her back and went on my way, I wanted to share this beautiful find with you so maybe one of you can pick up this beautiful piece. This blouse would make a great holiday or new years piece.