Review: CWX Compression Pants & BrooksPure Connect Running Shoes

If you read my Christmas list here I had  some running gear on my list. Well lets just say Santa came a little early which would be me! I’m training for a half marathon in April called the Diva Half Marathon and I needed these key pieces to get my training in gear. So Ive had the opportunity to run in my gear a few times and let me say I love them both! I thought I loved my Fila Skeletoes but I think Brooks has them beat. Don’t get me wrong I love my skeletoes, I love the feeling of almost feeling like im running bare foot but the Pureconnects give a slight bit more support I need but still giving me that bare foot feeling.

As for my CWX pants, I decided to go with  the insulated ones for the winter and let me tell you they are great. I ran at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday with the weather at 33 degrees and these babies kept me warm. Not only did they keep me warm I can feel the support around my knees and all they way to the back of my knees. I also felt my recovery time when it came to soreness was very less than usual. Only con I would have is you have to be careful when pulling them up if you have long nails. I was pulling them up at the ankle and because they are very fitting I punctured a small hole in my pants. I put some clear finger nail polish around the whole, so it can harden and not run. I highly suggest these compression pants to any one looking for a great support tight that’s going to do the job. For the ladies these pants make your legs & butt look great!




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