Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter…

Hey everyone Happy New Year to you!! It’s a New Year and a  New Day so let’s get fit! I myself started working on a better me May 12th, 2012. I ran my first 5k at the Susan G Koman Cancer Race in Atlanta, Ga. Since then I have joined a running group called Black Girls Run and added weights to my work outs.

This picture below shows me at my first race left side (5/12/12) and the right side is me now.



What a difference 7 months can make! So I am challenging  you to become a better you (we can do this together)! My running group Black Girls Runs participate in monthly challenges and I’m inviting you to join.

January Challenges

37109_508312392525317_659080094_n 154905_10151589197563452_188507050_n 564688_509065275783362_27084668_n

Today I completed 100 squats, planks, 100 leg lifts with weights, arm weights all done and if it stops raining ill get in a couple of miles..

Summer bodies are made in the winter 😉

If you need help on how to do proper squats, planks, pushup, or mountain climbers please click on the word.


2 thoughts on “Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter…

  1. What great before and after shots! It must be wonderful to feel so much fitter and energized as a result of your efforts. I imagine that first race was a challenge. Kudos to you for sticking with your plans and goals. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the weight lifting, but find the aerobic side of gym training tedious, so try to stay fit with paid work activities. Worked for me for more than twenty years, but now it looks like I may need to commit to formal exercise training. Sigh – just as I’m approaching the age where getting lean is touted as tough. It will be fun following your progress in 2013 and getting inspired from your results.

    1. Thanks! Yes I had so many emotions going through my head, could I finish the race, what was I thinking! I wanted to cry, laugh and fall out. Finishing was a beautiful moment.

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