What would you wear with this dress?

Hello to all my Capricorns! January is a very exciting month for me, its my birthday!!! I decided to do it grown and sexxy this year, some girlfriends and I will be celebrating my birthday at Acoustix Jazz Lounge & Restaurant. I love this place, great food and live music! The most important thing is what is the birthday girl to wear? Well about 6 months ago I saw a post on Instagram from a blogger called Glitter n Glue , I love her site she has awesome DIY projects you should check her out. She posted this dress from the mannequin and I knew I had to have this dress (thanks Kristen)!

Forever-21-Gold-Lame-Maxi-Dress-3 n

The model does this dress not justice, on me I have some curves with a figure so it compliments me. What I’m trying to figure out is what to wear with my dress a necklace, no necklace, earrings but what kind? Do you have any suggestions to help complete my look? By the way the dress is from Forever21 and its called Gold Lame Maxi Dress. So sorry to tell you its sold out.

This is day 2 of the Ultimate Blog challenge


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