Fashion Junkeys Closet

I am proud to announce  I am making things happen in 2013! I now have a Esty store called Fashions Junkey’s Closet, how exciting!

Fashions Junkey’s Closet is a store with my  personal & kids style, thrift finds, and things I love. I’m a wife, mother, photographer and event planner that has a love for fashion.

Have you ever had a friend or knew someone who was great at thrift finds but you can never find anything or don’t have the patience to look through all the racks? I have just answered your prayers, while I shop for myself I also shop for you! Most my items range $10.00 to $20.00.

Please take a look at my store and tell me what you think, heck and shop around too! What type of things would you like to see for purchase in my store?

Here’s a few things I’m selling in my store…

IMG_6137 IMG_6140 IMG_6146 IMG_6178

This is day 4 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


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