A little new mixed with old

Thursday I had to take my grandmother to the doctors, she goes at least once a month. We usually take advantage of the day and go shopping before or after her doctor appointment. Since I am a stay at home mom and work for myself I stay in my PJs’ or sweats most of the day until I have to meet a client for a meeting or run errands. So I try to take advantage of wearing all my beautiful clothes in my closet. Most people say I have some where to go but nothing to wear, well im the exact opposite I have something to wear but no place to go, LOL.

So these doctor appointments gives me a chance to get all dolled up. We usually will stop by a few thrift stores and then grab a bite to eat. I decided on this day to wear my red sweater vest, vintage blouse, red pea coat, black leggings, and black riding boots. I was all dressed and remember I had an awesome collar necklace I could rock with this outfit (my new thing is buying jewelry).


My motto is if you look good you always feel good, even if it’s just to a doctor appointment. So stop walking out your house looking frumpy, put some clothes on and be fab!

Red Pea Coat:  Dr Jays  (Birthday Gift) Old

Red Sweater : Value Village $0.99

Red Vintage Blouse: Value Village $1.39

Black leggings: Stein Mart $10.00

Black Riding Boots: Shop NBC   $113.21

Gold Collar Bib Necklace: Ebay $2.86

This is my 5th blog of the Ultimate Blog Challenge


6 thoughts on “A little new mixed with old

    1. Yes, I think my mom & grandmother taught me this lesson growing up. My mom used to say, “are you wearing that out” LOL. So I would go change..

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