Outfit of the day

Today we will be celebrating my daughters (Sidney) 5th Birthday at the American Doll Store, she gets to pick out a doll & have lunch at their restaurant. I will make sure I write a review on our American Doll trip.

I wanted to write a quick review on Sidney & I outfits we wore over the weekend, they seem to be a big hit on Facebook, Instagram, & in public.


Sidney’s whole outfit was purchased from our local Value Village (thrift store), the skirt, top & leggings are all the brand of children’s Place & the Jean Jacket is Gap.  I am a jean junkey when it comes to jean shirts & jackets and I buy them for my kids and myself when ever I see one. We all have a nice collection of jean with different shades because I like to have options when deciding on our outfits.


As for my outfit, the vest & stripe shirt our also from the Value Village. The vest is by Express & the tops is by GAP.  The boots I bought during the black Friday sale for $40.00 from Jcpenny & the jeans are from Rue21 I found in clearance for $10.00.

Thank you for all the compliments, we appreciate it & hope you keep visiting to see what were up to next.

This is my 6th bog of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


10 thoughts on “Outfit of the day

  1. Little miss is looking sassy! And love your boots! I can’t wait to dress up my little ones once they start toddling around! Do you buy outfits all at once or prefer to buy things a piece at a time?

    1. No I buy pieces at a time, when I fond something I like I can vision what I can put it with or I buy it and figure it out later and Thanks!

  2. Wow, you both look gorgeous. My daughter is 11 and sitting beside me on the couch, she thought your daughter’s outfit was super cute. I have another friend who seems to excel at Thrift Shopping and putting together awesome outfits which always seems overwhelming to me. You make it look easy! Thanks for the motivation to be more creative with our fashion. Totally inspired!

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