Outfit of the Day

On this day we were headed to lunch at American Girl for lunch, to celebrate my daughters 5th birthday. I decided  a pop of green would go great with my leopard jeans. The cardigan & green top are from Value Village (thrift store) & the jeans are from Khols (American Idol Collection) for $10.00 during the summer. The booties are from Steve Madden, I bought 2 years ago on sale for $20.00

_MG_0606 _MG_0608 _MG_0609 _MG_0610 _MG_0611 _MG_0612 _MG_0613 _MG_0614 _MG_0622

To get this look all from Target

Leopard Jeans

Black Cardigan

Green Top

Black Bootie

This my 8th blog of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


11 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. When I was in highschool i never would have shopped at target. In college I saw a really cute outfit on the girl across the hall and asked her where she got it and she told me Target! After that I started checking their clothing section and have found so many cute pieces!

    1. Most people think they cant pull off a look with out even trying it on, go in the store try the whole thing on. When I find something isnt working I revise it with a different top, sweater, or jewelry.. (some times you have to play with the outfit)

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