DIY Blinged out Camera Strap

Im a girly girl and I love shiny blinged out things, so when I saw this blinged out camera strap I had to have one.


Stardust Camera Strap from Bloom Theory

There were two problems:

  1. It’s $130.00
  2. They don’t make dark colors (working as a photographer that white strap would be so dirty)

So I thought I can do this myself for way cheaper and make it the color I want it, time for a DIY (do it yourself) Project!

So this is what you will need


I found everything shown above at my local Joanns, if you shop there make sure you look for coupons before your trip or ordering online here.

Tip: Make sure you measure or take your camera strap with you before you by the elastic sequins to make sure its the correct size. Also I tried fabric glue and it did not stick so make sure you use E6000.


1. Find a flat surface and lay the camera strap out, then lay the sequin elastic on top to make sure you have the correct length
2. Brush the E6000 on to strap and let dry ( I let mine dry over night).
3. Next lay the rhinestones on the end of the strap in the pattern you would like, then apply with the glue (dry over night).

Tip: Lay something heavy (bricks, books, etc.) over the entire strap to make sure the glue sticks the strap good while drying.

Look at my new strap (made for under $10.00)

480493_10150983585381656_403753654_n 8025_10150983584791656_123194551_n547949_10150983584136656_314893864_n

I will be doing many DIY projects, what type of DIY project would you like to see?

This is my 9th blog from The Ultimate Blog Challenge


9 thoughts on “DIY Blinged out Camera Strap

  1. Great post. Good clear instructions. Can you make the photos a bit smaller? I would like to see any fashion or interior design ideas DIY tips that help you save money.

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