Boot Envy

Sid and I are both girly girls and she loves to dress up just as much as her mama. For Christmas I bought her 2 pair of new boots and these pair (blue boots) had a little heel on them so she thought she was wearing high heels all day, lol! Every time she walked you could hear her boots clicking on the ground, boy was she working my nerves, lol.



Scarf: Value Village $0.50

Blazer: Value Village $1.99

Skinny Jeans: Value Village $2.99

Blue Boots: Totsy (sold out) $11.99

Pink Top: Value Village $0.99


IMG_5725 IMG_5727 IMG_5729


Gap Jean Jacket: Value Village $2.99

White Skinny Jeans: Value Village $1.99

Plaid Blouse: Value Village

Brown Boots: Amazon $17.95

Infinity Scarf: Ebay $2.89


Boy do I have boot envy, I wish I could find these cute boots in my size for these low prices!

This is my 10th blog of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


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