How to buy the correct Running Shoes

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, ” what kind of running shoes do I have on so I can go pick up a pair”  I would be rich. The problem is my running shoes may not be the proper running shoes for you.

Here are the steps to make sure you find the right running shoes for you:

  1. Visit a running specialty store, not footlocker or Champs you need the real deal.
  2. Your salesperson should look at the shape and arch of your foot to figure out what type of foot you have, whether it be (high, or flat feet).
  3. They should also measure your foot, running shoes should be 1/2 to a full size bigger than your regular shoe size due to the feet swelling when you run.
  4. Your salesperson should also do a  running analyst. They will  watch you run in running shoes on a treadmill and this is how they determine your running style.
  5. They will ask question like, what type of running you do, how often do you run, are you’re training for a race, and what type of surfaces  do you run on.
  6. Make sure you test out the running shoes while you’re in the store.
  7. You will know if your new running shoes will work for you within a week. If you get blisters  fast or foot pain, they may not be the right shoes for you Luckily most specialty running stores have great return/exchange policies.
  8. Once you have found the perfect running shoe you will need to replace your shoes every 6 months or every  300-400 miles.

I myself I have been fitted for the Brooks PureConnect from REI


This is my 11th blog of the Ultimate Blog Challenge


10 thoughts on “How to buy the correct Running Shoes

  1. I have to follow this advice for any sneaker. The salsepeople at the specialty stores are professionals and know a lot about feet. I had one tie my show a certain way because of a pain I was feeling and the pain instantly went away.

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