Tips on Planning an Event

Besides from being a photographer I am also an event planner (Everything Bella Events). Today I wanted to share some tips to help you plan your next event.

Tips on planning an event

Make sure the purpose for the special event is important enough to merit the time and expense needed to properly stage, publicize and evaluate the event.

Carefully match the type of event that is selected to the purpose that it serves. Do you want to reach out to new users or thank your supporters?

Target groups that have a special stake in the event.

Start planning at least three months, and in many cases, a year ahead of time.

Develop ways to evaluate the event’s success.

Make a checklist

A checklist provides a step-by-step guide to organizing and executing a special event.

Create a budget

The objective is to provide event planners with a financial blueprint. The budget should be specific, and include revenue opportunities (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations. concession sales) as well as expenses printing, permits, insurance, speakers, food. supplies, security).

Consider logistics

With many activities going on simultaneously, there are many details to be checked. Major areas to consider and plan for include: size of space or building used, utility support needed, setup (tables and chairs. tents, portable toilets, parking, signage) coordination, cleanup, emergency plans. transportation, and public services such as police and fire departments.

Plan publicity

Promoting a special event takes creative thinking balanced with practicality. The primary objective is to publicize the event, but secondary objectives should be considered.

Are you trying to inform, educate or entertain?

Increase awareness or attendance of the event?

Build a base support from a specific audience?

Facilitate good community relations?

Brainstorm all the available media in including marquees, school newsletters, church announcements, and cable and commercial stations. Make a detailed list with names of whom to contact and when.

Evaluate the event

Take time to evaluate right after the event while the details are fresh. You may want to consider having a questionnaire for participants to fill out. Some general evaluative criteria include:

Did the event fulfill its goals and objectives? Why or why not?

Identify what worked and what needs fine-tuning. Which vendors should be used again?

What items were missing on the checklist?

Was the event well attended?

Was informal and formal feedback about the event positive?

Given all that went into staging, was it worth doing?

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