Its my birthday!

So im gonna keep this short and simple, today is my 36th birthday and I had a great dinner party last night. Sharing a few pics with you…

IMG_1128 IMG_1131 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1176

Check out my hot grandma, shes 80 years old!

IMG_1136 IMG_1145

Dress Forever 21

Shoes Target

Earring H&M

This is my 19th post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge


14 thoughts on “Its my birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday! All of you look great, especially you and your grandmother! Love the gold dress. You and your grandmother have got some great style. I only hope I can look that good when I’m 80!.

  2. GenAE!!!! (yes, there’s an EMphasis on the “AY”!!!) I just read about your fabulous 36th birthday, your love for budget fashion and your slammin’ octoganerian, and I am so effing excited, for you are my kinda gal, yo! YAY! I just turned 36 yesterday and am all about thrift/inexpensive unique razzle-dazzle fashion treasures and helping women find their own style. Maybe a chat is in order? Hope your day was amazing and that you had fun dinner and dancing. You’ve inspired me to post more photos, too. High fives, cool girl! 🙂

    1. LOL, Thanks! I havent posted in a few days but I about to post some of my finds from my thrift store haul.. I had a great birthday, thanks! Im glad I inspired you, now I need to go check out your blog! 😉

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