Who says converse arent chic ;-)

I had the pleasure to attend the Imaging USA 2013 Expo and let me tell you it was awesome! Any vendor you can think of was there. There were so many products and it was great to have hands on and not just see the products from a catalog. I was a kid in the candy store and at first a little over whelmed from all the vendors. This would be my first time visiting such an awesome expo but I had no clue what to wear! After sending a message to another fellow photographer she advised me on the dress code. I decided to throw on my new H&M slacks I caught on clearance for $15.00. With the slacks I added my staple piece boyfriend tee from target and a black blazer. I threw on some heels but my legs were sore from running a 5k race earlier in the a.m. (by the way I finished in 33:45), so I decided to throw on my converse instead. What a great choice to make, this expo was huge and I had lots of ground to cover.


This is my 23rd post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge


3 thoughts on “Who says converse arent chic ;-)

  1. I love those three poses. You almost look like a different person in each one of them. I would imagine they are probably all aspects of your personality. I love expos as well. Definitely go for the comfy shoes!

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