Shes almost here, SPRING!

I can’t wait for spring to get here! I started my summer/spring shopping and cant wait to rock my outfits, heres the 2013 spring color palatte.


Heres a little inspiration to get you started with your spring shopping for 2013.

46232333645040143_6KvhgTKa_c 56083957830450154_VEyFZVlL_c 122160208612886790_NcVlIs9s_c 127297126937802116_bp8jaM8Q_c 168040629817550407_PjZFlJJJ_b 204350901813152950_GgIy3Ron_c 204913851766332659_MSwB6len_c 238690848972149171_msp10hLd_b 239676011390745581_22yPVbKH_c 255368241341362355_QkroqVIF_c 280138039291161947_Q09VgAg4_c 496310821404882683_AN3IJGYK_c

The is my 25th post of the Ultimate Blog challenge


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