My thrift finds

Today I met a client for a short meeting and afterwards decided to stop by one of my favorite little thrift shops, the Salvation Army. Todays color was blue, which means anything with a blue tag is 50% off. I found two skirts for the Spring/Summer.

_MG_1271 _MG_1272 _MG_1273 _MG_1274 _MG_1275 _MG_1276

As you can see one skirt was $2.99 & the other $3.99, they both cost me $3.50, can you say DEAL!


This blue dress above I found at the Goodwill, the color of the day was also blue $5.00 with 50% off it cost me $2.50, brand new with tags still attached.

I think I found some great items all for $6.00, can you say SCORE! Did you find anything great at the thrift store this week if so please share.


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