So do you remember the blog I wrote about the HOLY CHIC tee I loved but was way over priced, if not you can catch up on it here. Well I posted in that blog that I would post pics when I wore my tee out and im just now getting around to posting pics. On this day my daughter and I went shopping at a big ware house boutique sale. I ended up finding a few great pieces all ranging from $5 to $15 and my baby girl Sid even found a pair of red skinny jeans in her size!


20130118_113521 20130118_113532 20130118_113619 20130118_113627


Sweater: Value Village (thrift store) $3.00

Top (my closet)

Pink Skinny Jeans: Jcpenny $8.00

Leopard Ballet Flats: TJ Maxx (old) $29.00

20130118_113430 20130118_113418 20130118_113452

Infinity Scarf: Ebay $4.00

Leopard  Coat: Value Village $1.75

Boyfriend Jeans: (DIY) Valaue Village  $2.00

Booties: Totsy $10.00


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