What I wore, outfits of the last couple weeks!

Since I am so behind in my OOTD I decided to share them all from the past few weeks, hope you like! P.S. These were all taken with my Galaxy II.

549305_533839323315027_246925645_nThis whole outfit is from (thrifted) Value Village

Blazer $2.50

Blouse$ 1.75

Jeans (DIY) $2.50

Booties (old) Dillards $20.00


Jeans $2.50 & Sweater $1.50 Value Village

Scarf: Ebay $4.00

Heels: Target $18.00

Coat: Nordstrom $30.00


Jeans $2.50 & Sweater $1.50 Value Village

 Heels: Target $18.00


Sweater: Value Village $3.00

Top: Jcpenny $6.00

Pants (old): Stein Mart $10.00


The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village & Salvation Army

Camo Jacket: $5.00

Tee: $0.99

Jeans: $2.50

Converse: Marshalls $18.00


The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Red Jacket: $2.50

Tee: $1.25

Jeans: $2.50


Top: Value Village $2.50

Pants (old) : Stein Mart $10.00

Wedge Shoes: Marshalls $30.00

Scarf: Ebay $4.00

24315_531866946845598_266166788_nLeather Jacket: Goodwill $25.00

Tee: Value Village 1.25

Skirt: Asos (old) $10.00

Converse: Marshalls $18.00

28908_535673383131621_1749428197_nTop: Rue21 $3.00

Leggings (old) Jcpenny

Converse: Goodwill $6.00


Little Mama

Wedge Sneakers: Ebay $30.00

Tee: Value Village $1.00

Jeans: Value Village $2.00

Scarf: Value Village $0.50

Jean Jacket: Value Village $2.50


Work Flow: Headed to shoot a wedding

Sweater: Value Village $2.00

Dress: H&M $5.00

Leggings (old)

Gold Ballet Slippers: Value Village $5.00 (brand new)

20121228_131606Top: Ebay $12.00

Pants: (old) Stein Mart $10.00

Wedge Sneakers: Marshalls $10.00


Mommy Mode

Jean Shirt : Value Village $3.00

White Tee: Target $8.00

Pants: (old) Stein Mart $10.00

Leather Boots: Ebay $25.00


Mommy Mode

The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Jean Shirt: $2.50

Tee: $0.99

Pants: $2.50

Converse: Carnival Shoes $20.00


Most of the  whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Jean Shirt: $1.25

Tee: $0.50

Pants: $5.00 H&M

Boots: $6.00 (local mall)


Sid & I being Silly!


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