Thrift Haul

If you haven’t figured it out I am a thrift junkey! I try to go at least twice a week but no less than once a week. Last week I had to do a photography session an hour away from me in Roswell. I went up a little early so I can look for a few thrift stores and what to do I find? I drive up to this Salvation Army, but this wasn’t just any Salvation Army this one was big! They had clothes, furniture, linen, just about everything. I was set up like a Marshalls, I was in heaven.

I ended up finding a pair of trousers, a dress, and a pair of shorts.

Brand new with tags it was 24.99 but I got it for $9.99



Trousers $3.99



Shorts $2.99

I love all the pieces I found, I used these images for my inspiration when shopping.

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