Traing mode: Divas Half Marathon

So I finally went ahead and paid for my registration for the Divas Half Marathon on April 28th, I’m so excited! I’ve been slacking on my long runs so I have to get in gear real quick. I run about 12 to 15 miles a week but that’s not gonna get it I have to step it up. If you read some of my other post I run with a group called Black Girls Run and before you ask or jump to conclusions, no you don’t have to be black to join Black Girls Run (every one is welcome, just no man) LOL. These ladies will help me in my journey to prepare for my 1st half marathon.

A few items that are a must have when I run are:

41V9Uw72JlL 312UQLs8tdL 61Wq8Jw5rdL__SL1000_ 533789_10151274744281656_1746704123_n 554302_10151263372011656_640321927_n

I will post updates on how my runs are coming along and if my time is improving, wish me luck! Are you getting ready for any races or trying to reach a goal?


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