My first sewing project!

So I found this awesome blogger named Mimi G, she has great style and even makes some of her clothes. After following her blog for about 2 months I decided to take her free 4 week sewing class which you can find here.

Mimi gives you a list of items you will need to start your first sewing project:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Lining
  • Invisible 9″ Zipper
  • Sewing Kit
  • Light Weight Interfacing
  • Pattern

She gives you helpful links to find all these items, below I will show you where I found mine.

Fabric, Fabric Liner & Invisible Zipper: Joann’s

I went to the store to decide what type of fabric I wanted to use, after some thought I decided to go to the clearance section and get something a little cheaper since it is my first project. So I decided on a pink & mint stripe fabric and for my fabric lining  pink to match.  I also grabbed a pink invisible 9″ zipper as she instructed.


Zipper: $2.49

Stripe Fabric: 6.00 a yard/ 1.5 a yard $9.00

Pink Liner: 4.99 a yard/ 1.5 yard 7.49 with 50% off coupon $3.75

Sewing Kit: Beverlys



Pattern: Simplicity



Sewing Machine: Khols



There is one item I’m missing and that is the light weight interfacing which I will pick up the next time I am out. I am super excited to start her class, just waiting on my items I ordered on line! I took sewing classes in in high school more then a decade a ago and my mom sews, lets hope I can remember some of those things I learned back in the day. I will keep you posted on how my sewing class is going. 😉


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