B Fab Awards & Luncheon


Tomorrow I will be attending the B fab Awards & Luncheon, for a few days ive been wondering what to wear to such a fab event and I still havent figured it out. I know ill come up with something fab as always, I think im just putting more pressure on myself since there will be so many fab fashion bloggers in attendance. Of course I will always do me… đŸ˜‰



Atlanta has become known for its independent music, style, and fashion scene in recent years, influencing the rest of the country. To celebrate this fact and the unique culture Atlanta’s trendsetters have created, the B. FAB Awards Brunch celebrating Bloggers in Fashion And Beauty is now here! This creative event will include a lush brunch along with an intriguing program featuring the best of Atlanta’s fashion, decorating, and style scene.

What is B.FAB? Tiffini Gatlin, an Atlanta mom and editor-in-chief of Tastemaker Magazine, created this innovative opportunity to celebrate an elite group of social media influencers, specifically in the industries of Fashion and Beauty during an annual award ceremony called B. FAB Awards. B.FAB will bring together key influencers and thought leaders from around Atlanta to network, inspire each other, and celebrate their impact on consumer purchasing habits.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in beauty or fashion or seeking to engage with bloggers, brands, or influential companies. From the city’s most fashionable stylistas to those who just want to be fashionable, the B. FAB Awards offers something for everyone. It will be an environment for like-minded, influential tastemakers who want to connect and share ideas in a fun environment.

I hope  Im allowed to bring in my camera so I can capture some great pictures, stay tuned…


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