My wacky week

So its been a super busy week with Spring Mini Sessions. I haven’t really been able to throw something on except kick ball gear or running gear. As I said in past post I am training for a half marathon and every Friday I add an extra mile on until I get up to 13 miles. Today I ran 8 miles with a good friend of mine, we ran the whole 8 miles with no breaks (pace 12:38, calories 960, 1 hr 41 mins). I am proud of both of us, but next week I think we will take a few breaks. That 8 miles non stop was no joke! Since I haven’t been dressing this past week I will share some pictures of my kick ball team and some of my sessions from this week.. Enjoy!!

221691_10200353631395299_1999570676_n 544083_10200353621235045_821440369_n 544413_10200353618034965_298243296_n 551909_10200359628265217_2031811300_n



8 miles done!
tes ttt

As you can see I am super silly! LOL


Me working

IMG_1258a IMG_1530-56 IMG_1934-2a IMG_1983a IMG_2229IMG_2550-2 IMG_2608-2


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