Spring is here!

I finally was able to throw something on for the spring! The weather here in Georgia has been so weird, one day its raining, freezing, and some days just plain ugly. When I checked the weather today and stepped out side I knew I could finally put on a dress. I love clothes but I am all about catching a deal so I  try to shop off-season. This skater stripe dress I found at ASOS for $10.00 clearance, nice right! When I first bought it I weighed more and It wasn’t to flattering on me so I shoved it to the back of the closet. Today I decided to give it another try since I am 23 lbs down, it fits perfect!

I love converse and collect the colors, they are great for spring & summer. So I decided my blue converse would be perfect for my stripe dress. I think it came together great dont you  just love the color combo, what do you think?

IMG_2452 IMG_2457 IMG_2459-3 IMG_2464 IMG_2468-2

Converse: Marshalls $24.99

Dress: ASOS $10.00

Necklace: Ebay  $5.99


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