My Mommy Wear

So I’m not your typical mommy, I’m not that mommy that wears yoga & sweat pants just because I am a mom and they are comfortable. You can still be comfortable and  be a rock star mom!


So here’s one of my mommy on the go outfits (excuse the images my 5-year-old took them for me) LOL.

IMG_6971 IMG_6974 IMG_6989-3

Gap Black Ruffle Dress: Goodwill $5.95

Black Sparkle Canvas Sneakers: Marshalls $19.99

This mom is comfortable and cute on a dime $27.00 for the outfit

This is day 18 of the ultimate blog challenge


8 thoughts on “My Mommy Wear

  1. I’ve looked like a sack of potatoes for about 20 years, since long before I became a Mommy. But since I did become one, I’ve felt the need to improve that. I’m starting to find my style, but I’m still waiting for the money to get it 🙂

    1. I am a big time thrift shopper, you can have the style now Linda.. My dress only cost 6.00 and its GAP.. You can do it!

  2. I should take notice of your ideas here. I desperately need to stop dressing DOWN and start dressing comfortable to denote my personality and not always my age! LOL

    Thanks for the tip. It hit home!

  3. I don’t own yoga pants and I’ve eliminated sweatshirts from my wardrobe but your post inspired me to do a wardrobe purge this weekend. Cute and comfortable – now that’s a great goal and much easier for me in when the weather is warm.

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