I HAVE PRE-CANCER, there I said it!!!

I have PRE-CANCER!!! There I said and it felt good to let it out!! I’ve been thinking for a while if I would share this not so exciting news to any ones else besides the ones I love and today I decided is the day. Whew what a relief I feel so much better and I don’t have this knot in my stomach every moment of the day (it was almost like my dirty little secret), but wait should I keep it a secret when I can share my story and help so many others?

We get busy in our lives and sometimes don’t take a moment to stop, breath, and take care of oneself. Being a mommy, wife, business owner, and athlete sometimes we let things get in the way and don’t take time to get ourselves checked out (blood work, yearly paps, mammograms, and etc.).

I’ve held this in thinking no one will really want to hear my problems or will really care, we as people get so caught up in our lives and family dynamics we forget to check on our loved ones (family & friends). So why bother them with bad news about me, they have their own things going on right? I’ve realized holding it in doesn’t help, if anything it was making me a little insane (LOL).

For me it was an appointment to talk about getting these tubes tied, no more babies for me! My Dr. required an exam, a pap smear before I can get my tubes done (a microscopic examination of cells scraped from the opening of the cervix, a screening test for cervical cancer). Sure no problem I get these done all the time, a week or two passes and I get a phone call stating I needed a colposcopy (being examined with a microscope), due to abnormal cells on the cervix. Sure no problem I’ve been through this before pregnant with my youngest two kids, they have always told me my immune system is lower and after pregnancy I should be fine so no worries over here, at least I thought. Two weeks pass by and I get the phone call that made me slightly numb, basically I was told I have Stage 3 Precancerous Cells Cervix also known as, CIN3: Serious abnormal cell growth in the intraepithelial.


I just received this news and soon as I hang up the phone I am all over Google researching as I have a mini heart attack. At first I was ok but after some thought I cried my eyes out thinking about all the what ifs (my mind is all over the place).

So it’s been about a month as I patiently wait to have my surgery (Leep Procedure) scheduled, all the while still having my up and down days with a little depression. This past Saturday I ran the Susan G Kolman Race for Cancer and I saw so many signs on people backs that were in memory of a loved one or someone that beat cancer, talk about an emotional race for me. That moment made me realize I need to share this experience with others and if it helps just one person then I did my job! You may think your fine but symptoms may not all ways show like in my case. So I am asking you all to make sure you get your annual checkups and if you haven’t yet or have never had one in your life, today is the day to make a change!

I thank the few family and friends that have told for being supportive through this time, love you all…


We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_strength.html#p3bAjaf9gklYofdw.99

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