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Yellow wedge Sneakers

Hey FashionJjunkeys! I’ve been so busy with all my activities for the summer but I’m trying to get back in the groove of posting more often.  So today we will start off with a new pair of kicks I picked up for $20.00 on Totsy, to bad Totsy was bought out by some new company called Modnique which is entirely to pricey compared to the old Totsy. I wont be shopping on Modnique any time soon.

They came in the mail and I loved them, they color just popped so I decided to pair them up with some cut off jeans and a yellow sleeveless tee. I took my son school shopping and let me tell you these were so comfortable to be on my feet all day.

2050320-p-MULTIVIEW IMG_8382 IMG_8384

Sorry you wont find them for $20.00 but you can find them here for $63.99.

Top Asos, Shorts Thrifted value Village, Shoes Totsy

Lady in Green

Sunday I attended the Talking with Tammi Luncheon you can read all about here, I want to share what I wore to the luncheon. Tammi stated “dress to impress”, so I wore this little green dress I found at a warehouse boutique sale. I believe I picked this dress up for $10.00 t0 $12.00 in the spring time, can you sale deal!!! The shoes our vintage Tahari, with a gladiator look I won them on EBAY for $20.00. My clutch is by Nnkea Saran, one of my favorite bag designers, I own about 4 of them and had one custom-made just for me!

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Fashion Junkey

My Mommy Wear

So I’m not your typical mommy, I’m not that mommy that wears yoga & sweat pants just because I am a mom and they are comfortable. You can still be comfortable and  be a rock star mom!


So here’s one of my mommy on the go outfits (excuse the images my 5-year-old took them for me) LOL.

IMG_6971 IMG_6974 IMG_6989-3

Gap Black Ruffle Dress: Goodwill $5.95

Black Sparkle Canvas Sneakers: Marshalls $19.99

This mom is comfortable and cute on a dime $27.00 for the outfit

This is day 18 of the ultimate blog challenge

Lady in Red Poka Dots

On this day I was headed to a girls night out for ladies that run at Road Runner Sports in Atlanta.

Here were some of the high lights at the event:

Sip on cocktails + nibble on healthy treats

Let our Fit Experts cater to your every whim

 Get a FREE gift with purchase of $75+*

Win fabulous raffle prizes

Be entered into our Grand Prize drawing for a FREE spot on the starting line at Nike Women’s Half Marathon* in San Francisco!

I ended up winning one of the raffles, a $50.00 gift certificate towards anything in the store by road runner. Since I am the budget queen I found three dri fit tanks on clearance, royal blue, turquoise, and purple.

RRL1067RRL910-TQ  RRL1067-OCI

I decided I wanted to be cute but comfortable, my converse always do the job when it comes to comfortable.

IMG_0032-2 IMG_0035-2 IMG_0062-2 IMG_0079-2

Pajama Red Polka Dot top: Lauren Conrad from Khols

When I ordered it I paid $10.00 now its $4.00 here

100% of the net profit from the sale of this item will support the fight against breast cancer


Skinny Jeans: Rue21 $10.00 (clearance, old)

Red Converse: Ebay $41.99

What I wore for the week

Heres a quick run through of what I wore for the week. I’ve been super busy with my photography business Sealed With a Kiss Photography, I’m running a promo until the 24th for $50.00 so everyone is booking! For more details on my promo go here.

Sorry for the horrible cell phone pictures, I decided next week to start pulling out my camera gear and take some professional pictures..LOL


Leopard Sweater Khols: $15.00

Jean Blouse Value Village (thrift store): $1.50

Pink Skinny Jeans JcPenny: $10.00

Pink Bubble Necklace Ebay: $7.00

Studded Leopard Loafers Online (old): $30.00

Speedy 30 hand bag Ebay: $230.00


Boyfriend Tee target: $8.00

Blazer Value Village (thrift store): $3.50

Snake Jeans Khols (old): $10.00

Strappy Sandal Heels Value Village (thrift store) $2.99

Speedy 30 hand bag Ebay: $230.00


Leather Jacket (old) Ebay: $30.00

Grey top Value Village (thrift store): $2.00

Skinny Jeans JcPenny: $8.00

Pumps Target: $18.00

Necklace Bling Bib Ebay: $6.00


Blue & White stripe top Value Village (thrift store) $4.00

Blue leggings Value Village (thrift store) $2.25

Bubble Necklace Ebay: $7.00

Converse Ebay: $41.99

If you would like a link to any itmes that are not from the thrift store just send me a message..

Thrift Haul

So yesterday I stopped by a Value Village in the area I was in, I didn’t think I would find much since its not the best area. By my surprised I find a few things that I am very excited about.

If you follow the trends like me then you know sexy strappy heels are making a come back. I love a sexy strap heel so I knew I had to find a pair, so when I saw these for $3.99 brand new I wanted to scream.. 😉

20130212_131154 3676fef45e9293782d4147cd31c51f6d a813e024d61a4ea10f0c6cf7bd63e295

I also found these vintage purses for $2.00 each and these belts for $0.99 each.

20130212_131051 20130212_131353

I think I found some great stuff on my thrift haul. You find anything good lately?

What I wore, outfits of the last couple weeks!

Since I am so behind in my OOTD I decided to share them all from the past few weeks, hope you like! P.S. These were all taken with my Galaxy II.

549305_533839323315027_246925645_nThis whole outfit is from (thrifted) Value Village

Blazer $2.50

Blouse$ 1.75

Jeans (DIY) $2.50

Booties (old) Dillards $20.00


Jeans $2.50 & Sweater $1.50 Value Village

Scarf: Ebay $4.00

Heels: Target $18.00

Coat: Nordstrom $30.00


Jeans $2.50 & Sweater $1.50 Value Village

 Heels: Target $18.00


Sweater: Value Village $3.00

Top: Jcpenny $6.00

Pants (old): Stein Mart $10.00


The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village & Salvation Army

Camo Jacket: $5.00

Tee: $0.99

Jeans: $2.50

Converse: Marshalls $18.00


The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Red Jacket: $2.50

Tee: $1.25

Jeans: $2.50


Top: Value Village $2.50

Pants (old) : Stein Mart $10.00

Wedge Shoes: Marshalls $30.00

Scarf: Ebay $4.00

24315_531866946845598_266166788_nLeather Jacket: Goodwill $25.00

Tee: Value Village 1.25

Skirt: Asos (old) $10.00

Converse: Marshalls $18.00

28908_535673383131621_1749428197_nTop: Rue21 $3.00

Leggings (old) Jcpenny

Converse: Goodwill $6.00


Little Mama

Wedge Sneakers: Ebay $30.00

Tee: Value Village $1.00

Jeans: Value Village $2.00

Scarf: Value Village $0.50

Jean Jacket: Value Village $2.50


Work Flow: Headed to shoot a wedding

Sweater: Value Village $2.00

Dress: H&M $5.00

Leggings (old)

Gold Ballet Slippers: Value Village $5.00 (brand new)

20121228_131606Top: Ebay $12.00

Pants: (old) Stein Mart $10.00

Wedge Sneakers: Marshalls $10.00


Mommy Mode

Jean Shirt : Value Village $3.00

White Tee: Target $8.00

Pants: (old) Stein Mart $10.00

Leather Boots: Ebay $25.00


Mommy Mode

The whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Jean Shirt: $2.50

Tee: $0.99

Pants: $2.50

Converse: Carnival Shoes $20.00


Most of the  whole outfit thrifted: Value Village

Jean Shirt: $1.25

Tee: $0.50

Pants: $5.00 H&M

Boots: $6.00 (local mall)


Sid & I being Silly!