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Yellow wedge Sneakers

Hey FashionJjunkeys! I’ve been so busy with all my activities for the summer but I’m trying to get back in the groove of posting more often.  So today we will start off with a new pair of kicks I picked up for $20.00 on Totsy, to bad Totsy was bought out by some new company called Modnique which is entirely to pricey compared to the old Totsy. I wont be shopping on Modnique any time soon.

They came in the mail and I loved them, they color just popped so I decided to pair them up with some cut off jeans and a yellow sleeveless tee. I took my son school shopping and let me tell you these were so comfortable to be on my feet all day.

2050320-p-MULTIVIEW IMG_8382 IMG_8384

Sorry you wont find them for $20.00 but you can find them here for $63.99.

Top Asos, Shorts Thrifted value Village, Shoes Totsy

Lady in Green

Sunday I attended the Talking with Tammi Luncheon you can read all about here, I want to share what I wore to the luncheon. Tammi stated “dress to impress”, so I wore this little green dress I found at a warehouse boutique sale. I believe I picked this dress up for $10.00 t0 $12.00 in the spring time, can you sale deal!!! The shoes our vintage Tahari, with a gladiator look I won them on EBAY for $20.00. My clutch is by Nnkea Saran, one of my favorite bag designers, I own about 4 of them and had one custom-made just for me!

Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey Fashion Junkey

Fashion Junkey

Look of the day!!

Boy have I been busy!!! I’ve been taking pictures but not posting them due to not having enough time in my day. I’m in the middle of rebranding my photography & event planning business, the good news is I’m just about done and ill be sharing my new pages soon. Here’s a quick look at my new logos!!

gb1 (1) GBP-LOGO

So what do you think, aren’t they cute!

So getting back to my outfit of the day, on this day I attended an event called pretty in pink. I had a pink dress I planned on wearing but I’ve lost another 6 pounds and can no longer fit the dress. So I rushed out to my local Forever21 and found these off white studded jeans and pink sheer blouse. I found the shoes at TJMaxx for $7.00 in clearance by Jessica Simpson.

IMG_8566 IMG_8571

Stay tuned for more looks I have many to share with you & Happy Memorial Day!!!

My Mommy Wear

So I’m not your typical mommy, I’m not that mommy that wears yoga & sweat pants just because I am a mom and they are comfortable. You can still be comfortable and  be a rock star mom!


So here’s one of my mommy on the go outfits (excuse the images my 5-year-old took them for me) LOL.

IMG_6971 IMG_6974 IMG_6989-3

Gap Black Ruffle Dress: Goodwill $5.95

Black Sparkle Canvas Sneakers: Marshalls $19.99

This mom is comfortable and cute on a dime $27.00 for the outfit

This is day 18 of the ultimate blog challenge

Spring is here!

I finally was able to throw something on for the spring! The weather here in Georgia has been so weird, one day its raining, freezing, and some days just plain ugly. When I checked the weather today and stepped out side I knew I could finally put on a dress. I love clothes but I am all about catching a deal so I  try to shop off-season. This skater stripe dress I found at ASOS for $10.00 clearance, nice right! When I first bought it I weighed more and It wasn’t to flattering on me so I shoved it to the back of the closet. Today I decided to give it another try since I am 23 lbs down, it fits perfect!

I love converse and collect the colors, they are great for spring & summer. So I decided my blue converse would be perfect for my stripe dress. I think it came together great dont you  just love the color combo, what do you think?

IMG_2452 IMG_2457 IMG_2459-3 IMG_2464 IMG_2468-2

Converse: Marshalls $24.99

Dress: ASOS $10.00

Necklace: Ebay  $5.99

Lady in Red Poka Dots

On this day I was headed to a girls night out for ladies that run at Road Runner Sports in Atlanta.

Here were some of the high lights at the event:

Sip on cocktails + nibble on healthy treats

Let our Fit Experts cater to your every whim

 Get a FREE gift with purchase of $75+*

Win fabulous raffle prizes

Be entered into our Grand Prize drawing for a FREE spot on the starting line at Nike Women’s Half Marathon* in San Francisco!

I ended up winning one of the raffles, a $50.00 gift certificate towards anything in the store by road runner. Since I am the budget queen I found three dri fit tanks on clearance, royal blue, turquoise, and purple.

RRL1067RRL910-TQ  RRL1067-OCI

I decided I wanted to be cute but comfortable, my converse always do the job when it comes to comfortable.

IMG_0032-2 IMG_0035-2 IMG_0062-2 IMG_0079-2

Pajama Red Polka Dot top: Lauren Conrad from Khols

When I ordered it I paid $10.00 now its $4.00 here

100% of the net profit from the sale of this item will support the fight against breast cancer


Skinny Jeans: Rue21 $10.00 (clearance, old)

Red Converse: Ebay $41.99


Last night I attended a  dinner party and one of the discussions was  weight loss/ working out.  A friend of mine told me I looked about a size 6, I was surprised because in my head I know I’ve been loosing weight but still felt like a 10. I never weigh my self I just go by the way my clothes fit me, so I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and they read size 8! Wow I haven’t been a size 8 since before I had my son 15 years ago. Hard work really does pay off,  I am happy at this size and don’t want to lose any more weight so my plan is to maintain.

People ask me all the time how did I lose the weight and to be honest all I did is run at least 3 to 4 days a week (3 to 4  miles) . I started off as a walker/jogger and over time I finally exceeded my goal around 4 months and was able to run a full 3 miles without stopping. At 10 months I can now run up to 5 miles without stopping and ran my first 10k which is about 7 miles (I ran the first 5 miles then walked twice) the point is I finished! I just joined a women kick ball league for fun and I figure I can get in some cross training all at the same time, working out can be fun too!

I also use my Nutri Bullet and make yummy protein shakes, you can see my post on my Nutri Bullet here. The biggest question I get is about running shoes, I also wrote a blog on shoes you can check out here.

 Size 12 to 8


I am a busy wife/mother of a 1, 5, and 15 year old, if I can do it so can you NO EXSCUSES! 😉